Airless Suburban Haiku

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A cynical celebration of
conspicuous consumption
in haiku form

at every door
a demon asks for treats
with a child's soft voice


I throttle its neck
twisted green moon leers at me
empty wine bottle


morning irritant
big print on dusty car doors
the words, "Please Wash Me!"


bobbing in the lake
a clear plastic container
for bottled water


skyscraper window
up here an excellent view
of the next building


walking city streets
each face avoids eye contact
except the beggars


Halloween toddlers
Visit big people workplace
Sweets and wistful smiles

Chris <>
Cleveland, OH USA -

twenty years this job
now downsized and outside
I smell the fresh air

Chris <>
Cleveland, OH USA -

A wonder of kite and key
Bring my toast to me

Steve <>
Elizabeth, Colorado -

I wished on a star
but too late I realized
weather satellite


with morning toothbrush
staring into the mirror
reflecting again


deceptive sunset
turning gray city to gold
through polluted air


statistics named me
calling me a consumer
a person no more


visit the old tree
to see where we carved our names
now a hydro pole


lost migrating bird
my gentle hands release you
mid city park trees

Chris <>
Cleveland, OH USA -

metal stream of cars
flowing north in the morning
flowing south at night

Chris <>
Cleveland, OH USA -

children kicking cans -
never waken up in time
as far as I remember

Italy -

a glass of water
in the half-sleeping kitchen -
oh, still six o'clock.

Italy -

friday the thirteenth
rush caffine to my brain
moon is ever so bright

maurice rivard <>
Hyannis , Ma. U.S.A. -

honey bees buzzing
lawn mower needs a muffler
godzilla moves on

maurice rivard <>
hyannis, Ma. u. s. a. -

The Coliseum awaits!
Forcefully moved, screaming
spectators endzone,after

Howard Yosha <>
Laguna Hills, CA USA -

The Coliseum awaits!
Forcefully moved, screaming spectators endzone,after halftime.

Howard Yosha <>
Laguna Hills, CA USA -

Why be frigid all summer?
Too cold to tan—
road trip to Vegas.

Howard Yosha <>
Laguna Hills, CA USA -

Encased in tattered backpacks
sit sleeping pencils
tools of creation.

Howard Yosha <>
Laguna Hills, CA USA -

the ocean whisphers
seashell will hear and speak
secrets of the seas are told

lee yung chern <>
Singapore, Singapore Singapore -

Planes Passed

Contrails float above.
Smokey shadows of steel birds,
cross the sky gently.

Josh Peck <>
St. Louis, MO US -

A complaintless world
would have to be comprised of
just silent people

april <>

Must clean the Honda —
Kikkoman and diet pop
Coat the cupholders.

Avery Fischer

oh man, fifteen o'clock
pass the hairspray, jog into my pants
fly outta here all the way to work

Chris <>
Cleveland, OH USA -

stuffed froggy I found you
hiding in the stagnant papers
on my desk

Chris <>
cleveland, oh usa -

Went to zoo today
The most unusual creatures
Were outside the cages

Bill <>
H2Oville, Oh USa -

Went to zoo today
The most unusual creatures

bill <>
H2Oville, OH USA -

frantic co-worker
thinks he's too important
to be polite

Chris <>
Cleveland, OH USA -

"Just one thing" huh?
well what a fool am I
to eat lunch at my desk

Chris <>
Cleveland, OH USA -

dumpster diving
changed your mind again
know where I'd like to put them

Chris <>
Cleveland, OH USA -

thick browed person
bringing six bags on the bus
oh well, I'll help this once

Chris <>
Cleveland, OH USA -

cracker crumbs in my keyboard
well up-end it
they clatter to the floor

Chris <>
Cleveland, OH USA -

Employees smoking
Off company property
I'm doing their work

John Kwon <>
Germantown, Maryland United States -

laugh at the blue sky
so light, it does not seem deep
since it is so high


the disc skimmed the sky
through three dimensions of blue
a frisbee in flight


water arcs across
the glistening patch of lawn
rainbow in the sun


homeless people stare
past the watchtowers and guards
community gate


rush-hour autos raced
along the eight-lane freeway
dying to be home


suburban islands
of green lawns and small gardens
dreams of a castle


I hurt you?
Well whaddaya want?
I said "oops"

Chris <>
Cleveland, OH USA -

even my stuffed desk cat
at all this stupid work

Chris <>
Cleveland, OH USA -

Paper thrown in yard

Fresh dew on my bafefoot soles

Dog turd is toe jam

Independance Day

Fuse and flesh burn quite quickly

Impaired drunkards wince

Bill <>
H@Oville, OH USA -

Some gas money, half
a box of Cheez-Its, leaky
old pipe, what a day.

Bog Roll <>
London, UK -

Five-thirteen, awake
like a maraca's echo
birds have no respect

Waterbill <>
H2Oville,, Ohio -

home from a hard day
ignored by my family
but the dog likes me


Garbage truck whirring sound
NO! Get on pants!
Forgot to take out garbage

Pak PAw <>
Ann Arbor, MI USA -

Arc lights behind this girl
outline thinly in white
She talks of her life.

Silip P'ak Paw <>
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA -

Inbound Autobahn

Grandma has learned to stay home

Until ten o'clock

Kansas City, MO USA -

if the is of was
were not have been but could be
then i am not me

hagran <>
U.S. -

Writing a short poem With seventeen syllables Is very stupid

Billy Mcallister <>
St.John, Indiana USA -

Plane falls from sky So many people have died That's why I don't fly

Billy Mcallister <>
St.John, Indiana USA -

Everythin is still
The twister comes roaring out
Everything is gone

downers grove north high school <>
downers grove, illinois united states -

brush your long hair again
snarls give you bad headaches but
you won't shave it off

maggs <>

The man runs inside
Hand me that piano please
The dwarf cries loudly

Romy R. <>
Arcadia, CA USA -

got a big front lawn
animals lounge and vomit
dad backed over my cat

John <rollerskatingcelebrity>
Ontario Canada -

fuck the world for now

i have better things to do

see the people running

Josh <>
Patton, PA USA -

when i was fifteen
young homophobes ran rampant
boys called me a dyke

little punk muffet <>

i believed i would
never go back to jersey
but what other choice

little punk muffet <>
philly , PA -

surprised my teachers

by applying to ivy league:

i had purple hair

little punk muffet <>

smoking cigarettes
outside the convienience store
forgotten children

little punk muffet <>

kill the elections
since you accomplish nothing
die, student council

little punk muffet <>
philadelphia, PA 19104 -

Red tailed Hawk eats
a Squirrel and children weep
at their mother's side

Lee Morrison <>
Louisville, KY -

Late last night an owl
took my neighbor's cat and now
nature feels too close.

Lee Morrison <>
louisville, ky -

don't want no more mail
fill the mailbox with flounder
grease the driveway too

mikeanson <>

basement bombshelter
a closet full of ammo
Good Humor ice cream

mike <>

cantaloupe burning
who the hell barbecues fruit?
must be some sicko

mikeanson <>

Six am wake up
Shower burns sleep's fantasy
Jump in car for work

Charlottesville, VA south -

still looking for fun
tv, internet, baseball
no chore too small now

alan lerner <>
shaker heights, oh -

This was all fields but
twenty years ago the wind blew
new seeds to take root.

Lee Morrison <>

This was all fields but
twenty years ago the wind blew
new seeds to take root.

Lee Morrison <>


Parents watch their children
quiet children happy children
all snug in their beds.

Patsy Williams <>
Shreveport, Louisiana USA -

Nude in your window
Strutting your exquisiteness,

Goose Creek, SC USA -



shiny suits,$5000 boots
brand-new SUV


children all around
the bane of my existance
get out of my yard

mike <>

Limp as a dishrag
Grey sky, cold rain, the mall sucks,
Too tired to read, sleep.

Rodney <>
Goose Creek, SC USA -

If your soft red lips
Were a brand new red wagon,
I'd ride them home.

Rodney <>
Goose Creek, SC USA -

Garbage truck air brakes
Sigh, whirring motor hydraulic rams,
Saturday morning

Rodney Frank <>
Goose Creek, South Carolina USA -

lip gloss on my lips
nowhere to drive tonight, dear
watch stars until dawn

Tricia <>
Baltimore, MD -

lip gloss on my lips
nowhere to drive tonight, dear
watch stars until dawn

Princess Tricia <>
Baltimore, MD USA -

Fake inviting smiles
Southern Hospitality
Yankees aren't so bad

Angel <>
Atlanta, Georgia USA -

fresh pasta
shells sauce and fresh parmesan cheese
stale conversation

alinear child <>
Alexandria, VA USA -

running into rain -
red poncho screams in wild sea
of splashing traffic.

s <>
Singapore -

little green bruises
on my breasts where you bit them
but you've been long gone.

s <>
Singapore -

snow rutted streets --
behind the hedges, hearing
my neighbor's shovel

Bela Selendy
Sweden -

Miss her when she's gone
She is here: I ignore her.
Lust, or modern love?

Roland <>
Bristol, Avon United Kingdom -

Out at the weekend
Nothing ventured nothing gained.
Miss you when you're gone.

Roland <>
Bristol, Avon United Kingdom -

Call me prodigal
In the next couple of days,
I'll smash your face in

Roland <>
Bristol, Avon United Kingdom -

someone's daughter
kidnapped, missing -
turn the page

Jopre <>
New Zealand -

another concrete highrise -
but in the guttering
grasses seeding

Jopre <>
New Zealand -

this Vine Street summer
mattresses wait for trashmen
curbside trampolines.

Jessica L. <>
Kalamazoo , MI U.S. -

improbable waists
spineless, flimsy, rubbernecked,
plastic Barbie smiles.

Jessica L. <>
Kalamazoo, Michigan U.S. -

I wouldn't be so
lonely, if you could only,
see all that I see


Distorted bass thumps
the fate of the young unknown
collapse my window

Taylor Spalding <>
Cleveland, Ohio USA -

At dawn the mist floats skyward the garbage man pitches fattened black bags

Taylor Spalding <>
Cleveland, Ohio USA -

Music in the stores
and the speakers at the mall.
Silence not peaceful?

TN -

swinging singles?
nah-cheaters on bowling night.
I don't think so.

usa -

swinging singles?
Nah.cheaters on bowling night.
I don't think so.

usa -

go to the mall
I could faint with excitement.
wow. saturday night

usa -

Nothing on cable
I surf the web for hours
Need to get a LIFE!

Steve K.
Illinois USA -

Suburban home nice
Want to live in Bill Gates House
Will I sell my soul?

Steve K.
Illinois USA -

Teen drives recklessly
Laugh when we meet at each light
teen will learn or die

Steve K.
Illinois USA -

Congested highway
old fart drives very slowly
needs license taken

Steve K.
Illinois USA -

Baby boomer kills
insanity runs supreme
road rage again

Steve K.
Illinois USA -

Mowing the lawn now
"Honeydew" season is here
Spring brings more heartache

Chairman Mao <>

a hungry dog prowls
the wind carries no prospect;
the scent of winter

Sweden -

The smell carries crime
Leaves us breathless and reaching
Climb into our mask

Lars <>
Bogalusa, LA USA -

convenience store girl
cotton candy colored lips
too much mascara

has a second job
all her clients are named john
*snap*...*pop*...goes her gum

*click*...*pop*...goes the gun
morning news says body found
police have no leads

ranting manager
the sign says cashier needed
anyone will do

zevrynn <>
tx usa -

baby is crying
telemarketers calling
mom needs vacation

Texas <>
Lubbock, Texas USA -

boredom turns to rage
the moon and stars beckon me
the lawn needs mowing

x310 <>
boston, ma usa -

power's out, wind howls
water's barely drinkable
when will the skies clear?

families torn apart
lives dashed on rocks of despair
mother nature's wrath

zevrynn <>
tx usa -

Urbanites want the
country life, so they move there.
Country no longer.

Jedi Vet

The stars are pretty,
At night you can see them good,
They're gone when you wake.

Megan & Matt
Baltimore, MD USA -

speeding down the street
blonde temptress in the next lane
insurance doubles

wally <>
Clemson, SC USA -

my neighbors love me
but wife and kids know the truth:
devil mows the lawn

john superman <>
boston, ma USA -

Split-level ranch home
Dream kitchen, jacuzzi too
Daughter is pregnant.

Jay Link <>
Springfield, Illinois USA -

Treeless landscapes speak
of hairdryers and lip gloss;
Pretend to be happy!

Jay Link <>
Springfield, Illinois USA -

Marilyn Manson
on my neighbor's stereo.
What's next? Mascara?

Ed Rooney

Melancholy night
I eat the TV dinner
the dog barks again

Steve Payonzeck <>
San Francisco, California USA -

rootless existence
cookie cutter housing tract
suck on the tailpipe

Steve Payonzeck <>
San Francisco, California USA -

two-car garages
dead end cul-de-sac
what a boring life!

Tim Goldner <>
Wilmington, DE -

Graceful dishwasher
soapy storm raging within
hums for your respect

Anjoru <>
Lansing, MI USA -

My cat climbs higher
than the crabapple squirrels -
can't catch the flicker

mic <>
Aurora, CO USA -

Traffic congestion
Toxic fume inhalation
Modern mans' black lung

The Sage
Indianapolis, Indiana USA -

Separate rooms, thoughts.
Starchy, nuked food. Soda pop.
Family Dinners.

Jean Garcia <>
New Castle, Indiana USA -

Separate rooms, thoughts.
Starchy, nuked food. Soda pop.
Family dinners.

Jean Garcia <>
New Castle, Indiana USA -

Sad, weary mommie
pops Zoloft, boards minivan
yearning for escape.

Jean Garcia <>
New Castle, Indiana USA -

hop in mini van
seven rowdy kids in back
Saturday soccer


Football, beer, TV
Husband wants more chips-n-dip
Lonely wife's affair


can't talk to you now
go watch the television
baby-sitter box

microwave breakfast
made by a four year old girl
tries not to wake mom

zevrynn <>
tx usa -

traffic jam
a stray dog sniffing
the sign post

Zoran Doderovic <zdoder@EUnet.yu>
Novi Sad, Serbia Yugoslavia -

teenager screams
dog barks at nothing
no one listens

Frenchtown, NJ -

The bridge is closed now.
Streets shut down to fill potholes
Sleeping in today!

Volcano, CAL USA -

there is nothing much
alight in the Johnsons' eaves
-- but wait until May

mass -

zombie check-out girl
screaming grocery store children
no coupons today

texas U.S. -

lawn mower bullets -
a double salvo wakes me
from Sunday slumber

Sweden -

My new computer
will keep me connected with--
what's my neighbor's name?

Media, Pennsylvania -

"MAN SHOT," headlines say.
Time to get on with my day.
Glad I don't live "There".

Media, Pennsylvania -

There's nothing to do,
and there's nothing on TV.
Wanna hit the mall?

Media, Pennsylvania -

misguided minds and
societal decay yield
the strip-mall wasteland

memphis, tn usa -

PTA meeting
back home to vodka bottle
Chestnut Street blackout

Bela Selendy
Sweden -

mailbox balloons shriek
still, as children fall silent
another birthday

Bela Selendy
Sweden -

hollow swimming pool
paint flakes its gaping mouth, filled
with lawn furniture

Bela Selendy
Sweden -

plums ripen, branches
sag toward rotting progeny
as summer ages

Bela Selendy
Täby, Sweden -

quiet neighbor kid
five dollars to mow your lawn
home invasion: free

Canada -

fresh snowfall last night
air stabs my lungs while shoveling
child's winter playground

Canada -

dog walking solo
primal eyes target my lawn
defile my green grass

Canada -

garbage ripped up, strewn
roaming dog? cat on the prowl?
clean up, once again

Canada -

drunk and so weary
tiptoe into house late
glaring eyes burn me

Canada -

museum tired
before and behind me
countless ages

Jane Reichhold
Gualala, , CA USA -

shrill bat's fruitless quest
night crackles, fragrant from bug

Bela Selendy
Sweden -

neighbor eyes neighbor
frets, "is my consumption too

Bela Selendy
Sweden -

warm Thursday morning
grim dandelion slayer
flails her three-pronged fork

Bela Selendy
Sweden -

clean basketball hoop
garage door sealed shut - faint sound
of automobile

Bela Selendy
Sweden -

chemical green lawn
rustle of insects long gone
sterile paradise

Bela Selendy
Sweden -

Jeep Grand Cherokee
a life devoid of substance
now has four-wheel-drive

Bela Selendy
Sweden -

a clogged pool
frog sniffs, waits
makes no sound

Bela Selendy
Sweden -

greasy barbeque
riding mower rumbles past
new Sunday worship

Bela Selendy
Sweden -

one million rooftops
two point four million children
solo Nintendo

Bela Selendy
Täby, Sweden -



Keys to the riding mower