Iceberg lyrics - Light On You

Light On You
Words and music by Béla Selendy

Wrap your feather limbs around me like a paperclip
we'll fuse ourselves to one another, close as two can get
your heartbeat flutter warm and soft pressed against my ribs
my fingers in your hair, your forehead brushed against my lips
you've got a light on you
Lying in your bed, our arms and legs in sailors' knots
at the window summer sunrise tap taps on the slats
a wayward beam breaks through the darkness, slips into the place
does it illuminate or emanate from your untroubled space?
Once I thought I'd never find my home
that my days would fade through one another's fog and storms
then your liquid voice gave music to my soul
now the things I can't remember won't remember me at all
you've got a light on you
(when I fall into your eyes I can sense every hint of sorrow melt away)
you've got a light on you
(the flash of your smile gets me crazier about you every passing day)
you've got a light on you
(my palace of dejection sinks into dust at the touch of your hand)
you've got a light on you
(all the ghosts will run for cover now you can be my woman and I'll be your man)


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