About Béla Selendy

Béla SelendyBéla Selendy is an omnivorous biped of blended vintage. Born in the USA in the late 1960s to an American mother and a Hungarian father, he earned a BA in Philosophy at the University of Chicago before completing the short European circle by emigrating to Sweden roughly two decades ago in pursuit of a dream (well, a blonde). It turned out well for a while, then went the way of all things diaphanous.


When not writing the occasional book (well, one, so far) or producing the occasional CD (also one, so far), he dabbles in true dilettante fashion with poetry, painting, photography, music, film and video, cooking and the Internet, on the latter of which he scrapes out the meager living by which the former are financed.


His other interests include two remarkable children, an utterly unremarkable but very affectionate dog, and the Higgs boson, without which his subatomic particles would have no credible explanation for their mass.


His first book, Mixed Media, was written some years ago while the author was laid up with a broken ankle, but released just weeks ago as an e-book. A print version will be forthcoming later in 2012.


His first album, Iceberg, was recorded between March and May 2012, and cast upon the waters on June 1.


He is currently unattached. Wink, wink.

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