Mixed Media - A Novel

Mixed Media, Béla Selendy's first novel, mirrors life in that it is relatively short, linear, tragicomic, a bit surreal, and fundamentally chaotic and disconnected.

It is the story of a man of young middle age, Bagberd, who inadvertently makes the decision to release the brakes and jump the tracks of his serenely discontented life, resulting in both an unexpected awakening and a marginally welcome discovery of depths within himself that he had never suspected existed, or some such blather.

Just read it, it won't take you long. Plus, as an e-book, it's dirt cheap. I'm also told people have found it amusing.

Mixed Media was published in electronic format in mid-2012, and will be released in a print version during the autumn of this year. As soon as I get around to it.

Just as in the case of my album, Iceberg, I haven't spent any time at all as yet shipping the book off to be scrutinized and judged by qualified scrutinizers and judges, but one person, at least, for whose opinion I for one have the greatest respect, was so kind as to scribble a review of his own volition.

Here it is:

...I started reading it with almost no preconceptions at all — no idea what it was about, or what the tone of it was likely to be. I couldn't even remember with absolute certainty whether it was a novel or something else.

I was pleasantly surprised. It's a comic novel about art and artists, mainly, and it's inventive and slightly peculiar; but most importantly it is actually, genuinely funny. Which is not something which can be said of all comic novels.

- Harry R., GoodReads.com

Mixed Media can be extensively previewed and purchased just about anywhere ebooks are sold. Here are a few links:



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